Some questions about admob


Hello, I just started looking into Admob today and I have a few questions about how it works (I’ve been watching videos and googling it but I’m still feeling kind of lost).

I want to have rewarded ads in my game, preferably on a timer so you’ll watch one and then after a while it will be available to watch again. so my questions are-
1.Are the ads automatically going to be gaming related or is there some step that im missing?

2.Is there any reason to use more than one ad unit? Or does one unit suffice even if I want the videos to be accessible in multiple ways and give multiple types of rewards? I notice that the “reward video is ready” doesn’t specify -which- ad unit is ready, so I’m thinking you basically just use one and then use variables and things to make it work the way you want to?

3.How does it know when the video has been watched? Is it automatically flagged as watched as soon as the ad is over and clicked off and is that all i need to get credit for it? Is “claim video reward” necessary afterwards and what does it actually do?

Here is my code, is this how it would typically be set up? (I know there’s no timer involved with this, I’ll do that after I know that the ads themselves are actually working)

Thank you and sorry for all the questions!



  1. not necessarily gaming related,
  2. I don’t think you need more than one per ad type, but you’ll find out along the way.
  3. and 4. check out the Admob example project.