[Solved] Text entry in android


I want to add a function which will let user input a name for their hero. i m familiar with text entry object but have no idea how can i use it to work in android mobile phones.
i searched about it and found an external behaviour which will bring up the mobile keyboard when the text entry object is activated but i have no idea how to use it

can someone help me, I really need to solve this issue



Well, I never tried it but I think you only need to apply the behavior on the text entry?


i tried that but i dont see any virtual keyboard in android when i run


If you have activate the extension and set the behavior on the text entry object. Then you have an action for open keyboard. You need pass trought this action the object text entry.
When you activate this extension you have a little description :wink:

This extension is just useful for open/close the keyboard on android, text typed will be saved in text entry object.


yea got it solved
the action for it was at bottom thats why wasnt able to saw it earlier