๐Ÿ”’[SOLVED]Project wont load with noise function


really depends on how big you make your layouts.
you can split you map into 4 layouts, or 8, or 16. or anything really.
you have to try it out and test how long does a part take to load. if it takes too long you should split it into more parts.


Okay Ty
Learned a lot.


Simplex is faster and more efficient than perlin noise


Can you share a screenshot of the loading of scene


Use can add a โ€œAt the beginning of the sceneโ€ to the repeat function

To my knowledge Gdevelop automatically loads and off load objects

Also try waiting for a while as it takes alot of time to generate the world sometimes if the size is big
Also, try setting the seed first before anything

You donโ€™t need anything else, maybe try the example project provided with the wiki and see if it works


Okay๐Ÿ‘ I have tried loading the noise seed at the beginning of the scene and before anything else, but it just stays at loading screen. And I have waited quite a while


Idk if Gdevelop automatically unloads objects because when I add more than 80x80 the game starts to lag when I move around, even If the objects are of screen.

If I delete wanted to save chunkโ€™s of the world and then unload and load them back, would I need to save the coordinates of each and every tile? (The tiles are the blocks that are randomly loaded one after the other to generate the world)


If you use external layouts you only need the x and y position (topleft) of your layout. Each layout might have 20 tiles in it or 10 or 40. Try it out and find the right size.

@Midhil I gave him my fully functional and also small project, so it must be some external issue, maybe the gdevelop version itself.


I have figured out the problem with my noise function problem. All I had to do was update Gdevelop. Yeahโ€ฆ Iโ€™m stupid.

But thanks for all the input. Much appreciated.:+1:


Yes you were right on the Gdevelop version part


Ya, loading and saving cords is hard. And it takes alot of time to load the maps that are bigger than 200x200. That, why I left the plan of making a game from this. Have to tried adding โ€œAt the beginning of the sceneโ€ to the repeat function. It reduced the lag. And also add โ€œAt the beginning of the sceneโ€ for the changing of the colour. If you can wait, I can share my project too. It is a bit more optimized. I donโ€™t have another object for the colours of tiles. But, it still takes alot of time to load when you are trying to load a big map


That would be GREAT. Because Im still struggling with it.

I wish they had a built in save system for the game. That way you could easily save the coordinates of objects without having to save them individually.


if you want to use procedural generation, external layouts are not an option,
should have mentioned that.

the method of running separate loops for dedicated areas,as mentioned earlier, should do.
as for loading/de loading parts, that is potentially possible, but would be too slow to be useful i assume.
what you could also do is use different maps in different scenes (save the seed and generate it again on scene visit).


That makes sense but that will limit the amount of stuff I can do.
For instance I wont be able to make a mining game. Since the scene would just remake the terrains and it would be like I never even changed it in the first place.

Maybe Iโ€™ll just stick to other game designs until the Devโ€™s add something that allows the entire scene to be saved as one file.
Until thenโ€ฆ I Geuss that this method of game designs is best left alone


But thanks for all the input and support from everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, sorry for the late reply. here is my version of the project as you asked. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wKZ60fLwSct_uOBOv0KaIDRGohBFkjEJ?usp=sharing

There are two scenes:

  • Test Scene: This scene generates the world as chunks of 200x200 size, side by side and it reduces the load time (Not sure how much). There are some problems with the world generation in this scene. It started to get hard to add more chunks after 2 of them. There are currently 3 chunks (1 is broken) You could maybe fix it if you have the time.

  • Stable scene: This is the working version. It has some performance improvements than the tutorial one. It can load a 200x200 world in less than 10 seconds. This doesnโ€™t load the world like the other scene But, it just load it as one chunk.

If you have any doubts feel free to ask. Hope it helps :blush:

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