[SOLVED]Problem with multiple enemies


i have just delete one event !

the new project :wink:


I had already tried, but from this problem :frowning_face:

P.S. I’m Italian :slight_smile:


your object are not created on he good layer i think ! if you have set a special zoom, or center camera on a layer and not on the layer of bullets, that do this style of problem ! send me your project again for i see better and modify this :wink:



look this example i have create for noobs !! Maybe that can help you for every projects :wink:


The zoom is 0.5 on the default level ("") and which centers the player within the limits of the map :slight_smile:
in what sense the level of bullets? I had to change the x-order because otherwise the bullet was not visible
Do you want a screen or the file with the problem inside? :slight_smile:

If you mean the events I wrote, here they are (I renamed my objects like yours, so I think it’s more immediate for you :)) (a copy of yours: D)


yes, send me your project if you can for i see better the problem ! i am searching why… but its a little complicated without your project… try to send me this while i search :wink:


Maybe its that your problem !

do that like on this image :wink:


I did, but that’s not the problem :frowning:


This is my plan :slight_smile: I eliminated all the unnecessary things, because it was quite heavy


thank you, i look that :wink:


that seem good !

I have turded your (Lazer images) to the right " right is angle 0) ! i have set origin point of bullet to center… after you do all you want the points :wink:


Thank you very much!


-You must know that the angle 0 its when the object is turned to the right !
-Every pics you add in you project must be turned to the right before add that !
-after added images, if you change the source folder, images disappear of your project ! You must well organize images folders before start game and never change folder, because if you change that, you must add images again ! ( set images in the second empty slot of animation if that happen, to keep the settings images, and delete after the first empty animation) !!! If you don’t understand, ask me all what you want :wink:


Thanks for your valuable advice, again! That the images had to be rotated to the right, nobody had ever told me!
the last point, I experienced it on my skin, I don’t know if you noticed, but in the project it says “V2”, and one of the reasons is precisely for the image folders :slight_smile:
P.S. Have you ever thought about making tutorials on youtube?


no youtube, i am to noob to do tutorial, and i speak only a little english… there is not a lot of tutorials in french about gdevelop 5… but it’s pleasure if that have help you :wink: