(Solved) Pause does not work

I just need basic pausing, but having trouble with it. It will just restart the whole scene without even change to the pause scene.
I also tried “set time scale to 0” to pause but also restart the whole scene.

I created a test project with the functions that you specified and everything works - pause_game.json.
Perhaps there are some other events that restart the scene.


thank you for your reply, yes there is 1 event that restarts the scene, but it’s a different button tho.
I wonder if that’s gonna affect each other.

It shouldn’t. Did you fix the error?

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Try adding a trigger once as conditions for events that have change scene actions.

Is the second event (stop scene and go back) in the event for the pause scene?

If that doesn’t fix it, then can you screen shot the event for on the different button that restarts the scene?


Maybe not the best idea, but have you tried to change the layer’s time scale to 0?

That way you don’t need to change scene, and you can have a pause menu in an invisible layer so you can show it when you pause, and hide it when you hit play again, reseting the layer’s time scale.

In this game the pause button pauses some moving platforms’ tweens, deactivate the platform behavior on my character, and make 0 the time scale on the layers: Base and Character (Personaje).

When the play button is pressed, the time of both layers is set to 1, resume the tweens and put the platform behavior of the character in ON again.

When I hit the pause button again, reactivate the

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