[SOLVED] Online Multiplayer


My online multiplayer project don’t work how I fix it?


I had troubles with P2P on certain mobile devices. I now believe it was because some devices require SSL for communication otherwise the os will not allow the app to connect. I switched to MQTT server for that reason. That also gave the same problem and thus after putting SSL over the websocket the problem was solved. P2P by itself on your own device should work like this I believe but maybe the broker server is down?


Here you will find an example from @arthuro555 Open gdevelop -> Click create a new project click on the examples tab and select "peer-to-peer communication (experemental) than click on p2p networking and see the project, try to export for your pc and try it maybye online and with the app and see the events screen to ubnderstand how this script workd when you are ready try to replicate in your game. Bye :slight_smile:


Have it worked?____________


Yes, thank you very much for your support, I already tried it and was able to solve the problem


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