[SOLVED] How do I delete my account?


Hello. To delete your own profile, you need to contact @Bouh


Okay, thank you, Diana.

@Bouh, whenever you have a moment or do I need to PM this request?

All of my posts can go as well.


Send me confirmation in PM, because it’s not reversible !


All the posts and replies will disappear?


@Gruk, I will tell you in my experience on changing my nickname - the posts and replies will not disappear, and the transition to the remote user profile will result in an error that the account is private or has been deleted. So do not worry :slightly_smiling_face:


One final question before I send my confirmation @Bouh

Will deleting my account here interfere with updating the software and such? I’d think not, but want to make sure as development on my game will continue although I’ll no longer be participating in the community.


The software is not linked to the forum. Lot of user don’t have account here and use Gdevelop :slight_smile:

@Phenomena what you want to do ?

  • I can delete manually all posts.
  • Or just anonymize your profile for keep post.


Considering that the profiles are anonymous, I don’t understand why we should cripple the forum with missing/incomplete threads.

You have a strange way of thanking the community for the help you received.
If you want to stop coming here, just stop coming. No need to mess with the forum.
If you want to remove your links and screenshots because you plan to make millions with it and you don’t want people to know your trade secrets, just edit/delete the related posts. I’ve already downloaded the good bits anyway :smirk:


@Gruk is right. After all, you helped those who needed help. If someone needs your help, and your account is “dead,” then people who need your help will not be able to contact you…


You are right here noticed. Yes, due to the lack of some details in the topics, many people who are present at this forum will not understand what exactly this is about


I have thanked whomever has helped me profusely, @Gruk. I have also tried to give back. Most of the time, I should just :zipper_mouth_face: Still “just stop coming” is easier said than done.

Moreover, I haven’t answered Bouh yet with regard to how I want to proceed. :neutral_face:

I will go through and delete whatever I think doesn’t add anything of value, which is the majority of my posts (if not all). I didn’t know that Bouh would have to manually delete them.

Removal of certain topics that I’ve started are not going to “cripple” the forum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Some of them were never even replied to in the first place, so surely they won’t be missed.

My game will always be free, unless I hired very talented artists and made a downloadable version in the future, I don’t think it would be right to take anyone’s money to play.

@diana23570, no one needs my help or wants to contact me. The only time someone (that is, Gruk) mentioned contacting me was in relation to helping me with an issue that has since been solved. Otherwise, no one is that interested in my game or will need to pick my brain. I can assure you, it won’t be a big loss when my account dies.


What can I say in conclusion? It is a pity that talented people leave our forum :disappointed:… I can’t say anything more and that’s all… @Phenomena, I hope you know what you are doing :pensive:


What I meant is that if Bouh deletes your posts which are part of someone else’s thread, the conversation could get confusing, with missing answers/questions/quotes… that sort of thing.
Anyway, I’m glad you chose another way. Hope you’ll keep perfecting that cool game you made. :blush:


Just discovering this post now as I was away for a bit of time.
Deleting an account is fine, keeping the messages is obviously better for the community :slight_smile:
@Phenomena I just want to know if there is anything in particular that make you feel that you wanted your account closed? If there is anything you can send me a PM or tell it here.
Just want to be sure that everyone can feel safe and included on the forum :slight_smile:


If you want only to stop participating on the forum so you can focus on other tasks I guess you could ask a mod to ban your account temporarily for a month or two so even if you want to you can not log-in. No reason to delete your account for that.

In case you feel like your contribution to this community was not helpful for whatever reason or even if you are certain you did provide wrong or false information on the forum, you can always go back and edit your posts once you realized your mistake. Nothing wrong with that, in-fact there is a badge for doing so because editing a post usually means you are improving it which is good. All of us make mistakes, it is not a reason to delete your account. The most important thing is that you are trying to help best to your knowledge and in case you were not entirely correct, nothing wrong with that and don’t feel offended or shamed if someone correct you. We are here to help each other best to our knowledge which never be complete and perfect so we all need to work together. We are sometime correct, sometime wrong, it fine as long our intention is good…

There also always be people who don’t appreciate your intentions and accept only working and complete answers and may even be arrogant with you if you were not entirely correct. The best thing to do is ignore them and move on and help others instead who appreciate you more and ignore the ***holes.


Also feel free to disable notifications if you want to take a break :slight_smile:


I, too, would like to delete my account, please.


Send me in PM a new message for confirmation, we need to be sure because it’s not reversible =)
After a validation I delete the account directly :policeman:


Hi guys,

Thanks all for the kind words.

I’ve been giving myself a few more days to think about this further and have concluded that deleting my account probably isn’t the best way forward under the circumstances. As mentioned, I’m still developing my game - almost set to publish the next version. I don’t want to not be able to share it with people who can appreciate the work that went into it.

Sometimes I do still need help with things and other times, I can pay it forward.

I hope that @Hypes_Game_Room will also reconsider.

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