[Solved] Game lagging severely!


So atlast game worked good on every phone!!!
so smooth like on PC!!!
i reduced everything to under 1 mb, most of images to under 50 kb USING tinypng.com ,so that so that complete game was 5 mb

image this also helped ,del things before moving on to next scenes

corrected events a bit, removed repetitions , and also compresses video and audios to below 1 mb ,some to below even 200kb

i also reduced my screen resolution which i shouldnt have ,but still lot a learn with first game ,whole next level of optimization for mobile. Also i was afraid that Gdevelop is not for mobile game, but it is ,just need careful planning with code and assets and lot of optimization

thanks for everyone ,for helping me out , I will share my game here once published on google play!! thanks again…

i dont know to change this thread to solved but if any body can do it!!!11