[Solved] "Cursor/Touch is on " Not Working Proper


Can not do folders directly, you need to package the folder in to a rar or zip.


Ok i will make that do


.rar file cannot be Drag n drop in reply box. It only supports images


Oh, I did not know that, the old forum did support it. Nevermind, I got the project through firefox send, I’ll have a look and get back later.


Ok, also pls send me the project that you will fix.


Also at least build the Android apk file and run it once on the Android device. Just to make sure the problem is solved.


As I suspected, the problem was that you moved the mouse cursor with touch which is the default behavior. When you touched the level map button, the cursor was at the level1 button and it caused to go back to level1 immediately.
Disabling the cursor movement with touch which is set the cursor to be in the top left corner at all times, did solve the problem on my end. However, depends on the screen size you may want to move the Back button from the top left corner.

I’ll send you back the json and try it.


Thanks man, it’s working fine on Android phone.