[Solved]Auto Save and item duplicate error


Hello all.İm new.I make autosave and i read all forum problems im testing all but not work where my fault ? Autosave work but item duplicate.What to do as shortcut animation inventory slot item pick up ?



Drag this out and don’t make it child of another event`

Autosave work but item duplicate

So you were telling this


I think its because you repeat for each instance of slot


i delete repeat for each instance of slot but item lose not work but is logical so i think need remake inventory slots… slot2 slot3.
repeat for each instance of slot2
repeat for each instance of slot3
Thank you Mixen i try that.


You could do that too but maybe you can make a variable counting the number of items


I delete my project.My inventory system broken.Best way Gdevelop examples inventory system is great work.

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