[Solved] Admob test mode wont work


hi guys

i try to test my game or any game with admob test mode but its not showing any example ad on preview.
am following the steps on gdevelop wiki.


hi, I think you must fill Admov banner ID with your real banner ID and in your project properties you must also set your app id.
With Test mode? YES you enable test mode not with “test” on the banner ID, for IOs you can leave “test” if you don’t have id


Yes i’ve done that, it still won’t work :disappointed:


can show the code? sometimes it takes time to admob to start working, it is all ok in your admob account?? be sure to use / on banner ID and ~ on app Id I think


@csabahalasz You had a similar problem maybe you could explain what to look out for:)


App ID and adMob Banner/interstitial ID are different. Need to take a look at the code, first.Also the game settings are very important.


function() {
gdjs.adMob.bannerLoading = false;

// BUG: These two never get called
function() {
gdjs.adMob.bannerExists = true;
gdjs.adMob.bannerShowing = true;
gdjs.adMob.bannerReady = false;

function() {
gdjs.adMob.bannerExists = false;
gdjs.adMob.bannerShowing = false;

its all ok in my admob account, but even test mode banner is not working on gdevelop. tnx for the help :laughing:



i get this bunny.png error in every app/game. dont even know what this file is.


Bunny.png is normal, don’t worry about it.
You seem to be testing your application in the browser, except that admob only works in the android export.


Ok so i have to export before i can test it with test mode?


Yes only works on android. I think you don’t need the show banner as you told it to show on load.


Ok tnx, it works fine now