[Solved] About "easter eggs"


Surely everyone knows what “easter eggs” means. For those who do not know: “easter eggs” are hidden surprises in games that are not easy to find. They can be found with or without prompts, but the same with cheat codes. I had an idea: add some “easter eggs” to my future game “Lone Wanderer”. I know that I played a lot of games, or rather a series of games. I decided to choose the “candidates” for “easter eggs” in my future game. Here is a list of games that I like (some I liked before, but now those games are a little like still), although it is not complete: Megaman Zero, Sonic the Hedgehog, Megaman ZX and Megaman ZX Advent, Freedom Planet (my favorite game series). Those who are familiar with at least one of the series of games that I called before, please tell me about ideas with “easter eggs”. You can also offer your options for “easter eggs”


I don’t think you can include any content from those games for legal reasons.
Sega and Nintendo would pull your game down from the stores even if it free.


Here’s an example of the game “The Witcher: Assassins of Kings.” In the quest “In search of magic” between Philippa, Geralt and Iorvet there is an interesting conversation:

Phillipa: I need a strong magical item, or one of 12 all-powerful rings.
Iorvet: One ring to rule the world…
Geralt: Yeah, and then I run barefoot on the volcano.

A reference to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy


(Half offtopic) As far as I know Capcom corporation doesn’t pay attention to fan games - they have been around for a long time, no one sued the creators of fan games. I can give examples that I not only know, but even play in those fan games. Here is the list: Megaman Zero Rezurrection (this is not a typo - this is written: through “z”), Megaman ZX Prequel, Megaman Zero 5 (unofficial continuation of the series of games “Megaman Zero”), Megaman ZX Zeta


I did not say that you can not get permission or buy it only that you just can’t go and use it at least you should not risk it in case you are serious about making and publishing the game especially if it a commercial title.

The quote from a movie or game or just an image may seems irrelevant to you but by end of the they it is all about rights and money.


As I mentioned, you don’t want to risk it unless you make the game because you have nothing better to do and you don’t care if you can release it or not.


Okay, now back to the topic. Do you have your options for “easter eggs”?


I did not played those titles.


I meant your options for “easter eggs”


Could change the UI to look just like in the title.
Change the hero or companion character to one from the title.
Start a boss fight, bonus level from those title.
Play a song that everyone recognize who played those titles.
If there is any weapon in the game you are making and in the titles you mentioned, could include those.
Could also include any element from the titles that only pop up for a moment somewhere but can not interact with it. For example, in case there is story in the game maybe quote from the game and the character did say that originally would pop in with a WTF impression on the face…etc


I can do like it: in my game there will probably be a base. If it is possible to have a base, then you can add a secret room, which is very similar to the base of the “Resistance” from Megaman Zero 3. I can also add more decors, like in the original game + music that plays in this base

I think that this is the face that fans of the “Megaman Zero” game series will have


About weapon: I just wanted to make sure that the protagonist of my game, that is, Vent, had a pistol that remotely resembled the “Buster Shot” pistol of Zero from a series of games that I don’t want to mention often


Thank you for advices, @ddabrahim!