Simple Dialog Tree Tutorial


Hello. I’m just learning to use Gdevelop (I currently use beta 100 for Windows x32 bits, I know there is a more up-to-date one but I don’t have WiFi on my laptop, I’m on my cell phone), I’m working on an “interactive novel”, like a lot of dialogue and options. I still can’t master the Dialogue Tree. And I mean NOTHING. I don’t understand how to configure it, I understand Yarn’s syntax a bit, but when I call the event I just get complicated. I wonder if you could help me with a simple tutorial, in an explanation plan with sticks and apples … By the way, I don’t speak English very well, my native language is Spanish. I await your response, and thank you!



There is good content on Youtube for using Yarn in Gdevelop (it’s all in English though).


Moments Online

Square One Tutorials


You can see some great tutorials in playlists on GDevelop channel