Similar app-development programs to GDevelop?


I was considering creating a smartphone app to fill a need I have, but know nothing about app development. I love how GDevelop lets me create game apps easily, and I was wondering if anyone knows of similar programs but for general app development (not games)…?

I could try and use GDevelop to create a UI, make it interactive, etc., but it’s not ideal.


I don’t know anything that require no coding, I believe there is one but can’t remember the name. I’ll post it if I find it. But Android Studio and Xamarin are pretty easy to use actually, but require some coding. I also like AppGameKit for mobile development in general. Also Godot is a nice option to consider it got a pretty good UI and signal system and easy to code.


Excuse me, but I may seem… stupid, but on a smartphone you can create applications without programming, only on Android:


Like gdevelop, like without coding? My preferate are Kodular and appy builder gold. Both are forks of the mit app inventor (that are way better and modern). The difference between both is that appy builder is more stable and kodular is more modern.


I would like to note that the program that I briefly talked about remotely resembles the primitive program “Scratch”


I know this post has been around a long time but I would recommend looking at Flutter: I mean it does involve some coding, but I think there are a number of flutter builders out there that can help.