Showing off what I've been up to. (p.s this is my first game)


(the quality of the gif is kinda low, due to optimization, the same for the fps)

I have fun developing my very first game, especially because with Gdevelop’s user friendly engine. After 3 weeks of work on the game I think its the perfect time to show It off to the community.

(kinda hoping for a feedback hehehe)


First game but a very good work! :+1:


Your game seems to be amazing


Thanks for the feedback! =)


Simple but interesting controls and mechanics, catching art style, overall looks real good to me. Congrats!


Thank you! I appreciate your feedback. =)


Very cool game! Once I would play at your game on Android smartphone… I love virtual and techno styles, which associates with computers. Good work, @Stoicorum!


@diana23570 Thank you so much for your feedback! It made me smile. I’ll notify you once the game is finish =)


Thank you! I’ll remember about