Should I continue working on my game


Hi, I am have some doubts about if I should continue working on this game. This was like my “First game” that I wanted to release and was working on it for a while now. but, I think the core game play is really boring and is very common. I made this game to just learn about game development and I have learned a lot from it, that the code I have made is really not optimized and too complicated for no reason and don’t want to rebuild the whole game because the game is boring. Now, about the game, I wanted a endless runner where you are a robot and there are spikes and walls and floating lands etc…
You can double jump and jump using space. There is no music or anything. You have character selection and biome or theme selection and there is a coin system but all the items are already unlocked for you. So, if you are free please try my game out and give me feedback if I should continue working on the game. Please be truthful about the game because I have ideas about other game I want to make.Thanks


All I can tell you is that you should continue to finish your game.
Certainly, it is simple and the theme of this game is very common and known but nothing prevents you to improve it with more beautiful graphics and especially traps, etc.
I also think that by improving your game, you will have even more knowledge about GDevelop and creating video games.
In a video game, the concept is very important and perhaps the most difficult to find.
Good continuation.


I used to work according to my mood. I have few games. I work on any one of them which I am liking the most. Its your interest which can make any game excellent. If you have a great new idea go for it and pause the current work. If you are interested in your present project keep working on it.


I feel the same sometimes. I was working on a game but i change the main base, and constantly i’m thinking on change it again. I think the first game is useful as long as you use it to learn or to do whatever you want. If you change the kind of game will be ok and if you keep working on your game is ok too. I suggest something…if you will go on with your game, try to add more stuff that would make your game more attractive (it would be related to the graphics, powers to your main character, effects, playability, other characters to help you in the game, minigames, a system to purchase items with points, etc). If you just do the expected thinks you would do in you game and it seems bored for you, obviously it will be a sacrifice to work on it.