Shoot bullet to 5 enemy


I want t shoot 5 bullets to 5 enemies…But IDK how?


for each enemie:
create a bullet
create a permanente force to the baloon


to which direction?:sweat_smile:


Add a force toward an object.
The object is the enemies.
Using “for each” the action should be done 5 times.


I tried that first didn’t work for me or you can take a look on this


i a thinking about, lets me somes minutes and i will help you ! for the moment, look this little project if that can give you idea :wink:!Vl5BiCjK!9P0M-OMHC5Qu8azrbN4caqGwHjklFDLNH_uDShGEgg8



Thanks a lot @ frcreator777 and @ jumpingj I think I found a solution for this…Thanks a lot.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


cool :wink: i send you little project example, for you see example for futur project ! i hope that can help you :wink: ask me again if questions :wink:


its better like that ! i have modify one error :wink:

i hope that help you :wink: