Send a "GET" request


Hello everyone!
Can’t get text, don’t know why.
Everything works on a computer and does not work on 2 android devices.

This function used to work on android, but now it does not. Even on a computer … I turn off the Internet, I restart the game, and despite the fact that the Internet is turned off, the text is displayed, although I did not save it.
Please help me solve this problem, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Is it possible to solve for javascript?


If on the GDevelop preview it works and on the PC it works, but it doesn’t work on Android (especially on the most modern devices) then the problem is given by the “http”. Modern android devices only use “https”


check out this thread.


Hello everyone!*
I have installed the ssl certificate. But the problem has not been resolved, I cannot understand what the problem is.