Screen Pinning Plugin


Screen pinning is a great feature that would help a lot considering we still don’t have a way to control the back button. I’ve been trying my best to figure out a way to do it myself using js, but being severely code-challenged, my efforts are creating very little results.

I recently found a cordova plugin that I think offers screen pinning, I’ve been sitting almost endlessly trying to figure out how to incorporate this. Struggling very bad. Can someone please help?

Here’s the link to the plugin:


Cordova plugin that exposes screen pinning APIs on Android (API 21+).

Acutally GDevelop we use a old version of this API. We need update this before. I guess it’s problematic for export with cordova.

For make cordova package you have this step-by-step :

Be sure to include the plugin for add it. the instructions on wiki and on github should be enough.


do we have an update on the card?