RPG Project


So I thought it would be time to make a “Devlog” for my RPG project. You can read about testing this rpg battle system here: [url]https://forum.gdevelop-app.com/t/rpg-battle-system-testing/14140/1]. Latest post was about “Upgrade points” and what to do with them.

[size=150]What is this project?[/size]
Old school JRPG project that I “Accidentally” started. I was making regular JRPG battle system and then I encounter a huuuuuge inspiration boost and ideas began to fill my head so I began to make an another battle system aside.
Slowly this another battle system started to be “The number one” system that I want to develop further, so here I am, making a devlog post about JRPG project which include this “another battle system”.

[size=150]Story Short?[/size]
You play as a young man who want to be “The world champion” of the MMA someday. So the young man needs to beat opponents and climb from the smallest gyms to the biggest stadiums to achieve his dreams!

[size=150]The Another Battle System?[/size]
This battle system is inspired games like Lisa and Tekken franchise.
Player Vs Billy Work In Progress.png
-You use arrow keys and A,S,Q,W keyboard buttons to make Melee combos or Grappling moves. You need to make the attack combos in given time (2-3 s). Idea is that A and S represent legs and Q and W hands. Every move use stamina. Less stamina = less damage and more missing the attack.
-You can find “Attack list” in the battle menu where you can check both, melee and grappling moves.
In the attack list you’ll find only the moves you have learnt.
-You can use “Dodge” command that grows stamina back slowly. While dodging, defence is higher but enemy can attack 3 times before your next turn. Dodging is very important thing.
-“Items” are things that I’m not sure will I include them at all in the game. If there are items, there will be only potions and doping that boost stats.
-You can “Tap out” all the time you want and it works every time. It means you surrender and enemy wins.

You can find “First turn” meter in the battle menu. There you can see two meters, one is for enemy and one is for player. It is the competition between the player and the enemy, which begin the battle. Speed stat affect this.

[size=150]Striker or Grappler?[/size]
When leveling up you gain “upgrade points” which you can use to upgrade “Striking” or “grappling”.
Become a striker and you can do the most devastating combos and learn the best moves of the stand up game!
Or if you want to be the grappling master to do the most complex submissions and powerful takedowns!
It’s up to you what you want to be!

If you have something to ask, please ask! I’m sure I forgot to mention something… :unamused: