Rough YouTube Comments


Hello. Surely you know about the meaning of a word, such as cyberbullying. If you do not know, then I will explain briefly: cyberbullying is a mockery through the Internet, that is, it is social networks and forums. Unfortunately, an incident close to this phenomenon occurred to me, but this was quite recently.

It all started with the fact that I wrote a comment on YouTube under one video. I want to show only part of the comment: “As they say in Russia…”. After a while I received 4 responses. As you know, I live in Russia. I used Google Translate to translate the phrase that was discussed earlier. In all four answers, people wrote to me that the initial part of the sentence was incorrect, that I could mean “saying” instead of “say”. Also in one of the comments was an obscene word. I was upset and deleted my comment. In fact, I am a sensitive person, so I did so. When I write a comment under a post on a social network, like “VK,” people just can argue, correct me, agree or express their opinion, which can be very different from mine.
I have never met such rudeness as on YouTube. It looks like I have to turn off comments in my videos…


I’m sorry to hear that happened. :frowning_face:

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common there, sometimes depending on the topic/video content and how well known the channel is. I almost always scroll down to read as comments in general are sometimes informative or entertaining. Civil, intelligent discourse is a bit rare though. Politics and religion seem to bring out the most vitriol and bitter bickering on any platform, but a troll comment or two at the very least on popular videos for a variety of topics is typical.


I’m doing the same thing.

I totally agree.

This is also true. These themes act on people as a trigger.

Such a time now: people are rude and even very


I am felling sorry for you .But you should not care about them.


@Phenomena and @Ruhan, thank you for replying. You are very kind people. Also, thank you for your support


I’m sorry to hear it. People can be very rude online, it seems all too easy to be rude when you’re not looking someone in the face. If it bothers you enough I would just turn off commenting on your videos like you suggest.


Thank you for the support, @Jamie. I have a classmate who shoots videos and has a YouTube channel. Her video has fewer views than mine, but she turned off commenting on the video. I think she did the right thing


Just let them talk in the comments. Don’t react to what they say and leave those comment so everyone can see how idiot they are. Don’t let them control you.


Thank you for the answer, @RapaGameZ. I had to delete my comment, since I was offended. I did not want me to write on negative comments. They are that could not understand my name, what I am a foreigner? Ah, on this forum people know only my name and nick… I’m not brunt in Google Translator translates some expressions or phrases of the Russian language incorrectly into English. That’s what was the case


I’m sorry for you, but you shouldn’t worry about it, unfortunately there are a lot of bad people on social media.

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I agree with you, @avensis. Unfortunately, now there are a lot of bad people, and some of them even carp to trifles, for example errors in the text. I understand those people who write: “P. S: sorry for my bad * name of the language *”.

P. S: you have a very cool nickname