Rodeo Balloons a small game by DarkHeliosGames



Hello to everyone
This is a small game I made just one level
The goal is to pop the balloons if the clown eat 6 of them 3 red & 3 blue the player lose the game.


Well that clown is going to keep me up tonight… :smile:
Awesome art and music. I also really like the idea of three red and three blue instead of just six - that adds a welcome layer of complexity to a simple game. I was expecting it to do something horrible at game over, though. Maybe next level!


I appreciate your feedback
indeed is a simple game but still the balloons flow is more technical than i thought
(I was like ok we just add the physics 2 behaviour and everything should be ok)
I have some horrible ideas to make it better :blush:


wow really scary :sob: