Resuming Scene after clicking contiue


I want to resume the scene after “continue” on the pause menu is selected and chosen. How do I do that? The player “locks in” their choice with the enter key and it should go back to the scene.


How have you set up the event to pause the scene?


If it’s something about time scale, you can change the time scale of main/base layer and keep the “continue” to another layer.


I don’t know how to do that unfortunately…


Just make a button and add event:
Mouse/touch is on an object.
Mouse button released

and search for time scale in the action.
You can get time scale of a layer.
Choose the layer.
And the set the time scale to 0

In the pause layer, keep your continue button and do the same to it:
Mouse/touch is on an object
Mouse button pressed
Change the time scale of layer __ again to 1


Keep the continue button to another layer called “Pause Menu” or something


But if you are talking about saving a file, there are a lot of tutorials out there.


I’ll just leave few tutorials here: