[Résolu] Je refais le jeu pairs mais

sorry, I could not answer because I am new to the forum:unamused:
Here is the project:

The problem is only the front animations of the cards have the origin set to the centre. The back animations of some of the cards have it at 0,0. The one card image you posted earlier happened to be a good card.

In the animation points settings, while on the front animation of the sprite, you’ll have to toggle the “Share same points for all sprites of this animation” to ON.

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You solved my problem… thanks! (I din’t know why some sprites did not share same points for all animations)

I copied fly_in is the same place than the original game but I don’t know what it corresponds to.
My question is: what are the tween identifiers? is there a list of all of them?

A tween identifier is a name you give the tween. It can be anything you like - so instead of “fly_in” you could have named it “Fred” or “opening_move”. If you have multiple tweens on an object, they all need unique names.

The tween you used was a position one, so it moves from the current position to the target position. It’s the Duration determines how long it takes to complete the tween, and the Easing effects the changes in the tween’s speed. "EaseOutSine"starts off fast, but slows down as it gets closer tot the target.

For more easing functions, check out this link.

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But why give a name to a tween? can we reuse a tween with its identifier on another object?

So you can refer to it later to check on it’s progress, whether it’s completed, and to remove it once it’s finished.

No, a tween is a one off, single use functionality that isn’t shared. You create it and it starts, and stops once it’s run for the specified duration. To restart it, you’ll need to remove th old tween and start a new one.

You can give a tween on another object the same name and they will be treated as different tweens. An object tween belongs to one object, and cannot be shared between objects.

So if “fly_in” is finished = do this…
To select a such condition, we go on the concerned object or group of objects, then select the tween named “fly_in”

Yes, that’s the general idea.

Almost. The tween name won’t be listed. You’ll need to enter the tween name as one of the parameters to the condition.

How do you enter an tween name as one of the parameters of an object?

In the object condition popup, you select the object, then select the condition and enter the parameters :

You’d enter the tween name in the panel on the right.

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thank you! thanks merci