[Request] Normal map with lights



I think it would be nice if we were able to use normal maps with lights.
It could add some 3D lit and depth to our sprites.
Here is a gif demonstrating the difference between a flat texture sprite and one using normal map;

As to where to setup normal map in the editor. I think it could be a normal map light behaviour attached to sprite objects which would be like a normal animation editor except we can not add our own frames and animations, it would copy the animation properties of the object and allow us to setup a normal map for each frame of the sprite object as usual
So if a sprite object had 2 animations and each animation 2 frames, the behaviour would allow me to setup normal maps for those 2 animations and 2 frames.



I have red somewhere that normal maps are planned.


I searched to roadmap for “normal map”, did not find it. But in case someone is planning to add normal maps regardless, that is great news :+1:
Hope someone able to confirm it though :blush:



Ah, I did find this on GitHub it seems it is in the making:

Awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think the GSoC student that made the lights feature said they would do it once their semester is over as they are currently too busy.