Published a game on Mark it as made with GDevelop!


Hi all, just added a new section about GDevelop:

If you’ve published your game on, make sure to mark GDevelop as the engine being used. Will be very useful to show the popularity of GDevelop, and a good way to promote your game too. :+1:


pinned #2


For everyone that doesn’t know how to! this how to do it!!!


Projects updated. :white_check_mark: :blush:


Finally!!! \o/ Just updated my games


Salut 4ian.
‘Alpes Outdoor Sports’ game now tagged ‘Gdevelop’ on !


i have marked my two games

  1. Pleistonic
  2. Realcar


Just selected GDevelop engine for;
The Lords of Moonlight Equatorial Conflict
The Lords of Moonlight Equatorial Conflict Lite