Pseudo 3D Examples


Can I know the method of importing the obj and can I have the file?


The project is downloadable in the javascript channel of GDevelop’s discord.

To load a 3d model, scroll down the first JS event and at the end uncomment the loading method you need, comment the cube loading and save the project before starting the preview.

Make sure to modify the Z position in the second JS event to make the object far enough to not clip into the camera.


Hello all! I decided to publish pseudo 3d example with the camera rotating. First post updated.


Maybe someone will be interested - raycasting test 3, I was able to improve the emission of rays using the condition “Raycast”, it works instantly, but so far it is impossible to make walls with textures without bugs. But this pseudo 3D method works faster than the non-ray method and I will try to develop it further.


That’s awesome! I’ve been watching your other videos with textures and it looks really nice! :+1::+1::+1:


Thank you! I also like how it looks :grin: It is a pity that so far it will not work to make a full-fledged game, a lot of things still need to be finalized


This is amazing. :sunglasses: