[Project] A Pixel Adventure Legion


A Pixel Adventure Legion

(GEM JAM 2) If you enjoyed please rate the game here

Playable HTML demo here Windows version here

My favorite Dragon Set


  • Level Up system,
  • 4 inventory systems for items, swords, armors, helmets,
  • Weapons system, knives and magic, Minimap system
  • 4 Shops for items and weapons
  • TODO: A lot of things…
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The Gem Jam 2 - Community Post

Available Soundtrack:

At SoundCloud



Available multimedia Videos:

First boss fight

Devil Book created in Aseprite

Second Boss Aseprite

Trying the Options menu in one Scene

Available multimedia Photos:

Hardware: tested on

  • SO: Windows Version Microsoft Windows 10 (10.0) Professional 64-bit (Build 17763)
  • Processor:
  • Name Intel Core i5 8300H
  • Codename Coffee Lake
  • Specification Intel® Core™ i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz
  • RAM:
  • Memory type DDR4
  • Module format SO-DIMM
  • Size 8Gb x2
  • USB Device Intel® Wireless Bluetooth® for controllers
  • Graphics:
  • Name NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • Name Intel® UHD Graphics 630

Tested controllers:

Xbox 360
8Bitdo SF30

Jobs - here

[Solved] Use animation number in an action

I like the pixel style and the ambientation of the game but a big thumbs up :+1: for the mechanic behind.
Really a nice work.


First of all, congratulations. congratulations for the courage to carry on such a courageous project. Congratulations for choosing GDevelop. I find the graphics well cared for. I also like your site. I have a few questions, if I can afford it: do you work alone ? For which hardware will you distribute it ? Will there be a demo? Will there be an italian version? PS I love your city


do you work alone ?
Yes, at this moment.
For which hardware will you distribute it ?
Windows 10, browser, hardware specs not definded jet
Will there be a demo?
In 10 days will be relaeased a demo of the first 10 levels
Will there be an italian version?
No, just English for now


10 days. Wow I’m really curious to play it.


well I’m sure glad I didn’t waste my time participating to the gem jam because with such an entry I would have just from comparing with your title screen instantly lost


This is awesome:partying_face:. Nice work!:+1:
Thanks for participating in the jam.