Problem in gdevelop!


The reason I think it is not realistic is that to sue someone do cost money. Lawyers are very expensive and in case you lose the case, you DO need to pay the lawyer of the other half is well and other expenses. So if you want to sue someone you need to be certain you have everything you need to win the case otherwise you risk to pay 2 lawyers and also the expenses the other half may have like loss of earnings while attending on the court they can not work and that = to certain amount of loss in earnings, cost of travelling, cost of accommodation, cost of meal, in case you sue someone and you LOSE the case, you DO need to pay all this! Also, the other half can sue you for unjust slander on top of all this you got to pay and in some countries you may even need to pay a fine for wasting the time of the court.

Also need to consider the value of the assets. In case we are talking about assets worth 200 USD, it is unlikely to worth to take it to court. Depends on where you live I would say below 2000 USD of value, it doesn’t worth risking to sue someone even if you have all the rights because of the costs.

So in my opinion, the chance someone is going to sue you for stealing assets from them while they are the ones who steals from you, is very slim, very unlikely. I’m not saying it can not happen, but I think it is very unlikely.

If you really worry about this, all you got to do is to make sure anything you share you have proof when did you share it. For example if you are using Google Drive or Dropbox, you can allow access only to selected persons with specific emails and then you have evidence when did you shared the assets with that person and also when did you upload it, ergo you are the owner if you have the date. If you really don’t mind, you can also share it publicly places like and make sure you do include a text file named “readme.txt”, “license.txt”, “termsofuse.txt”…etc containing the terms of use and then you are all covered and you can just simply thank people for their help without making any threats :joy:


Ok ! Good! Now lets get back to the real problem!!:joy::grin: