Please help me for the love of god


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well let me explain: this more like the uptated problem from my game, the grass area is 5400x3000, so i just misunderstood the size, the thing is that one green pattern or anything else in the game was made in 600x600, meanig that o grass pattern would cover up the entire map if i reduced to 800x600. But because of the 7000x4000 map size, the game lags a lot, i first discovered this while i putted the fisrt plant, basically unplayable. So im asking what i should do to fix this situation and make the game run better.


Try to split your image into pieces and then create various Tile Images for each piece of your map, then place each Tile image perfectly aligned and with that will work.
you should probably read the documentation about image sizes, you should not use images over 2048 px
[edit] you can use this website to split your image into pieces
Or this one too