Player Jittering on Moving Platform. How to Fix?


In my game, I have a vertically moving platform that uses the sine movement custom behavior. This behavior is super useful for creating great moving platforms easily.
However, when the platform moves vertically (Upwards in particular), the player jitters on top of it. How do I make the player react to this moving platform as if it were normal ground?
Thanks in advance.

(Note: Horizontally moving platforms have absolutely no problems associated with them. They work fine.)


After last update I am also facing some problems like that …when my player collide with 2 jumptherw platform it make a glitch effect


Maybe this can help

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Somehow, GDev is detecting that the platformer is falling, so it’s switching to the fall animation. I’ll report that bug.
Here’s a fix for now:


Thank you for replying. It works almost perfectly.
The only issue is that when the platform moves upward, sometimes jumping doesn’t work because the engine is detecting that the player is falling. I wouldn’t like this game to have unresponsive controls.
Also, when the platform moves down, the player kind of seems to hover a few pixels above it as it descends.
Is there a fix for this too, or is this a bug?
Again, thanks for the information. At least it looks good now. :slight_smile:


I think you’ll have to wait for a fix.


That’s okay, I can wait. Thanks for the substitute solution mate. :slight_smile:


Okay I was running into the same problem, and I think I also found a temporary fix for my situation. Might work for you. I set a global variable that will turn on and off for when the player is in collision with the platform. I then required the player’s falling animation to only happen if the variable is off. The platform still jitters slightly, but I can jump while on the platform and it seems to look okay.