Peculiar, An Orphan in Abyss


After getting hit by a car, Ren found himself in a vast unknown world.

Hello, I’m happy to present my final choice of color palette, mood and story for my game.

(Previously named Stoic : The Lost Deserter)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

edit: The image uploaded earlier is incorrect.


Chapter 1 Scene 1.

Chapter 1 Scene 2.

Hello! Chapter 1 is nearly done. The project will be on hold for a while due to some work I’ve to do.


Flat and simple, but beautiful graphics


Thank you for the feedback :smiley:


Its been like almost a year since the last time I updated a post here and luckily I have some spare time today.

For almost a year I think, I finally made some progress for the game despite the tight schedules I’ve been dealing with lately (& currently).

Short Clips:




The Progress so far:

  • Assets
  • Player Movement
  • Parallax Effect
  • Camera Movement
  • Invisible Joystick (Limbo like controls)
  • Save Progress
  • Player Attack Ability

Changes I’ve made:

  • The Player Character is no longer a wolf
  • Color Palette went from greenish brown to pale yellow and orange.
  • Went from puzzle platformer game into action platformer.

Thank you for taking the time reading! Any feedbacks are appreciated!


In-game assets have now been mild polished.

New Additions:

  • Butterfly Particle
  • Trees
  • More detailed background (clouds & stars)
  • Health and Pause User interface


These game assets are gorgeous!


Assets for the Main Menu are finally done and implemented.

(the image was compressed into smaller resolution due to my settings)

  • Added a glow effect for the sun (I used blending mode effect and a radial gradient object)

  • Added user interface objects like the buttons.

Also for this year, this might be my last task for the project. This is because I will be doing more school related stuffs and I would no longer have the time to develop the project. However though I would still be doing tweaks and small projects (I’m thinking about making a very small mobile game that I would actually release on the Google Play store)

Anyways, I will still keep you guys updated about the project and I really appreciate the support. Thanks!!


In case you’re wondering what the game is all about.

It is a sandbox game set on an island. You play as Rin, a Natural Scientist. The gameplay is pretty straightforward to understand and that is to survive and be creative. The game offers a lot of diversity.

  • You can craft tools like axes and shovel

  • You can go fishing by creating fishing rods

  • Tame animals like pigs and cow

  • Cultivate lands for farming (This feature is still buggy though)

  • Ability to build stuffs like building your own shelter

It’s like the famous sandbox game Minecraft. But I sought to offer more.

(btw, the game is no longer titled Peculiar, An Orphan in Abyss)


This blew my mind! I really like the cute character! This is really motivating me to make a top-down simplistic adventure game. I can’t wait to see more things about it


I’m glad this inspires you