Opinions about color


Hello, I need some opinions from the community on which color is better than the three :sweat_smile:

Thank you for reading :smiley: ( I highly appreciate your opinions)


The top two seem to have the best mix of color and contrast, to me


Noted :grin:, Thank you so much for your opinion, Highly appreciate it :smile:


Same for me! The top two are the better but the first one is my favorite.


For a background I prefer the last one


@Tarsio, me too (ignore - I’m just filling the empty space of my message like this)


The second looks great, :+1:


Thank you everyone for your opinion! I really really appreciate it :grin:


last one look good, i like that color


Red or white, i prefer white.


I kind of like them all more or less depending on the mood or atmosphere you’re trying to achieve.