On the popularity of the game and the gender demography of players


Hello. When I thought about a game on the Internet, I realized that the game, after, for example, 5 years, will cease to be popular and it will be forgotten… Only a few people would download a little-known game… Now I began to fear this problem. Where should I put my game (if, of course, it will ever be created at all)?

I realized that my game “Flesh and Steel” would only be suitable for boys. Today I thought: “Why don’t I create a visual novel, not a platformer?” Previously, I planned to create my own game with physics, which would be taken from the “Megaman Zero” game series. If my game were created, then only boys would play it, but for me personally, in very rare cases, girls would also play. I do not know what to do. I personally played games for boys (please, don’t laugh): a series of games “Megaman Zero” (I played a little bit in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parts, and the 4th passed several times), the game “Megaman ZX” (I didn’t fully play), the game “Megaman ZX Advent” (I reached the end of the game) and few games from “Mega Man” and “Megaman X” game series

P. S: I’m sorry that I wrote a lot


So…What is the problem? Just decide to make game for everyone or just make game for Girls or Boys.And there is many platform where you can place your game…like…Google play(Android),Steam(PC and Ps1/2/3/4),Itch.io(Any).Facebook(Massenger)


I wrote that my game was supposed to have physics from the “Megaman Zero” game series. If my creation plan were realized, then my game would be exclusively for boys, because of which I would be offended. I planned to create the game according to my story, in which, besides the theme of the war between people and evil androids (why the name of my story is “Flesh and Steel”), there is romance, drama, tragedy, as well as a special subtext (do not think that there are moments “18+”)…

Most of all, I would like both boys and girls to play my game…


Im creating a game for both boys and girls that borrows the art style from undertale, this game is entirely different however and Im just using the art style to create my characters. I would suggest editing the storyline or add a character creation scene so you can choose to be male or female.


Sorry, but I’m writing a story in which the main character is a guy. I don’t understand, how Toby Fox was doing so well - his game is, in fact, an RPG, but the game itself was liked equally by both boys and girls. In my story there is, in my opinion, something that everyone may like: romance - for girls, the war between people and robots - for boys, etc.


Seems like a good idea to me… What’s the problem?