Official Release Date Trailer | Miko Adventures Puffball ❗


Excellent job on the trailer AND the game! It’s very well designed and looks very professional. Steam is lucky to have it on its store. I like the whole layout. Very detailed and that is what many gamers like!

I just have one question. You exported to Steam? How? I didn’t know GDevelop could or had the capability of exporting to Steam. Always wondered it though.

Have a nice day! :slight_smile:



Thank you so much, I’m really happy you enjoyed the trailer :raccoon:

It does have the ability yes but for windows, for Linux and MacOS it has issues with steam unfortunately, about the how … it’s a long story as the steamworks system is kinda a mess to be honest. you need to create depots, attatch those to packages and make sure you choose the right build and which is which and so on and so on … it’s a mess.
I have plans though when I have time to create a post or a video dedicated to only this topic as I see a lot of devs struggling with this…


Wow. This is very impressive and the quality of your graphics and game play are amazing.

Great job. A very fun looking game.


@RbetterKids Thank you so much, really happy you enjoyed the trailer : )


Looks really good! The graphics and smoothness are really good and the trailer is also pretty cool.
Nice job.


@lasergamer9110 Thank you so much, it means a lot that you enjoyed the trailer : )


Only 3 days to release probably the biggest game made with GDevelop :heart:
In case you didn’t watch the release date trailer, here it is:

Wishlist here to play on release:

Thank you all for the great support so far, I honestly really hope you’ll enjoy the game when it’s out : )

Best community ever, Love you all :heart:

And please if you got any questions regarding the game or anything I’ll answer all your questions.



@Eiklahc Thank you so much :heart::fire:
I’m getting a post ready on the community, will be released today :raccoon:

Thanks again, I really hope you’ll enjoy playing!