Notification Extention


Hello so I have been working on a notification extension that should allow games to talk to the browser/device and create native notifications on the users device. My eventual goal is to submit it to become a part of the core GDevelop engine.

To do this I need some help. Mostly help with finding bugs, simply click the link and try out the new notification extension and report anything that doesn’t work the way you expect it to. Additionally, if you find any spelling mistakes please let me know.

Google drive download
Ufile download

Thank you very much (o^▽^o)


Cool we waiting the code in a PR :smiley:


Hi, I checked out the document and I really want to try it out. Is there a action to change the logo or icon in the notification menu where it shows which app send the notification? Like seen here:
And a nooby question, how do I add it the extension to GDevelop? I am using linux appimage with appimage launcher to integrate it to desktop.


None of your questions are nooby, there all quite good. So to answer your first question in the create notification action their is a field to place a the file location of an image. Here is an example:

As for your second question currently there is no Linux build that has the notifications extension. However, I made a PR to the GitHub GDevelop repo so it could eventually become an official extension, and then you could use it on Linux.


Thanks for answering the question, this will be a mandatory extension for all of my games when it comes out. Also, one more question. Will the notification only work if the game is open. Because I have seen many games were when you open it, there will be like tens of notifications comming together.


Unfortunately the extension will only work when the game is open, sorry.


No problem, this will still be a useful tool.:smiley: and I will be using it alot and can’t wait to use it. Thanks for the extension