Need help with object scale tween


I created an object (button) and it was too big so resized it in the properties menu. Now on clicking the button, I want it to animate so I added tween behaviour. I used tween scale action. But when I press the button it goes to the original size. How to fix this?


show us your event
And for animating the button using tween:


Hi, Here is another great video that explains the usage of the 9-patch object for rezisable and animated buttons.


If you set the tween’s scale to 1, it’ll revert it to the original size, not the modified size you set it to in the editor. A tween scale value of 2 is twice the original size.

There are 2 options to get around this:

  1. work out what the resized ratio is, and work around that.
  2. change the size of your image on disk so you don’t have to resize in GDevelop