Need help with game sprite if anyone is free to make it


like i said i need help with game sprite
its a 2D platformer
with 4 levels
and i need to have 4 different characters
based on elements
fire & water & earth & air

please if anyone is free to make one
when i started this project
i said to my self i have to finish at least one

so yeah
help a brother here


Consider looking for free art first, before requesting it here in the forum. is a good place to start.


i did
i checked Open game art and more
but i didn’t find one that pleases me
i even tried to make one my one and it didn’t turn that good


Use them as placeholder art even if they don’t please you and if your project is interesting enough, you’ll be able to recruit some rogue artist, but at this null stage and with this approach, you aren’t going to find anybody.


try to see if there is anything interesting here.
The ones on these pages are free.