My Skyrimlike A-RPG collecting thread


I do this Topic to sort out what i want and how i have done it, will do it, or get help in doing so.
It will also help me to keep an overview and a storage place for later use (sitting in sweden atm, far away from home :grin:).
It could also help or inspire other people who want to archieve something similar.
If you have a better idea, or a more efficient way to archieve what i am doing, please let me know.

Note: The Sprites of Rilou is just a placeholder. I want to use the 64x64
px LPC Charts (Liberated Pixel Cup) at some point. That means a extension of those Sprite sheets from 4 to 8 directions. LPC Sprites would make it easier to have visual display of the current equipment and hopefully have the player to choose race, sex and even costumize the char. Imagine the player having something like this:

Chapter 1 Movement

8-Direction Movement.
The Basics:

Maybe some random Idle animations if staying idle for longer


walking :stuck_out_tongue: not much to add here


Will enable run attacks.


Is supposed to make the player harder to detect, enter small tunnellike areas and enable sneak attacks.
Some Issuses regarding multible button pressing. Nothing hard to fix. Will be finalized, when i have the full button layout.


Working with variables. My concern atm, as i am testing this, is that my ZHeight barriers are not big enough to stop the player from just running throu them. but if i make them bigger it will not make a realistic collusion environment and look stupid :frowning:
slowing the player down would be a sad solution.

Chapter 2 Items

The Bow

Still WIP, as everything else. 1 annoying issue is, that i instantly shoot the arrow, that i just picked up. maybe i create a pickup button, different from the shoot button, would solve it, but i dont really like that solution.

Chapter 3 UI

Apart from the common Health/Magic/Stamina, i also want to implement food and drinks.
Also a Hypothermia meter ala Cheskos Frostfall would be cool. with weather protection stats for equipment.
As for Stealth, i dont know yet, if i want a meter for it or have it hidden and let the player guessing. I want 2 stealth parameters, visibillity and audibillity

Chapter 4 Inventory

I have to say, i am pretty satisfied how this turned out.

This is how i am using the inventory atm. i am uncertain on how i will manage the autopositions of the icons in the lower menu. likely something with variables + -

Chapter 5 Skilltree

Still working on the interface.
Skills i want to include are:
talk your way out of danger and into pleassure.
Archery/Forest stalker:
Fletching arrows/animals are friendly/sniper skill
Medicine, antidotes, potions, poisons
a minigame for smithing would be awesome.

Chapter 6 Perktree

Does not work at the current state. It was working at some point, but when i try to save some space via sub-events, something got broken.


Stealth branch 1: Sound
LVL5: Muffled
Perk1 (Sneak/2) Perk2 (Sneak/2)
LVL10: Silent
Perk1 (Sneak/2) Perk2 (Walk/2)
LVL20: Like a cat
Perk1 (Sneak Soundless) Perk2 (Walk/2)
LVL30: Ninja
Perk1 (Walk Soundless) Perk2 (Run/2)
LVL50: Ghost
Perk1 (Run/2) Perk2 (Soundless Movement)

Stealth branch 2: Visibillity
LVL5: Camuflage
Perk1 (Sneak/2) Perk2 (Sneak/2)
LVL10: Shadowwalker
Perk1 (Visibillity/2 in Shadow) Perk2 (Visibillity/2 in Shadow)
Perk1 Perk2
Perk1 Perk2
Perk1 Perk2

Stealth branch 3: Thief
LVL5: Force break
Perk1 (Smash wooden Door/Chest) Perk2 (Tool break)
LVL10: Lockpicking
Perk1 (more audio clues) Perk2 (Raking)
LVL20: Thief
Perk1 (Pickpocket) Perk2 (Lockinside visable)
Perk1 Perk2
LVL50: Trickster
Perk1 (Pocket++) Perk2 (Pick equiped)

Alchemy branch 1:Potions
LVL5: Brewer
Perk1 (Alkehol/Medecine+) Perk2 (Health/Stamina potions)
LVL10: Extracter
Perk1 (Stamina+ potions) Perk2 (Mana Potion)
LVL20: Tinkture
Perk1 (Health+ potions) Perk2 (Mana+ Potion)
LVL30: Concentrate
Perk1 (Max Stamina/Health potions) Perk2 (Max Mana Potions)
LVL50: Pure Essence (5min Timeduration)
Perk1 (Endless Stamina Potion) P2 (Endless Mana Potion)

Alchemy branch 2:Poisons

About Enemy AI

I cannot even get the animations going. somehow bathfinding behavior seems to have only 180 degree angles, instead of 360
interesting combat is going to be far in the future

I Try to update it from time to time.
If anybody want wo offer some help, it would be very appreciated.

The Project to download:
Be avare that it is faaar off of ready and not cleand up yet.


I am working on a pretty good solution for jumping. the answer to most problems are layers.
Ground layer, Zheight 1, Zheight 2, and so on. when a certain zheight is reached, the player is switching the layer. also works well, cause you can go “behind” objects (lower Z order) and on top of them (higher Z order), without using further events to do so.
that way, the ground layer is all solid, and not easy to clip through. now i have to come up with a believable “drop off”. Using timer, when not in collusion with a higher Z-ground anymore does not work that well.
I will upload an example, when i am finished with it.