My Remastered BGM Pack from 2015


I wrote, performed and recorded all these via overdubs with an old Ibanez Guitar+Bass, Yamaha PSR Keyboards and a Yamaha DTX Drumkit. All tracks here are CC BY-ND 4.0 International, Feel free to use them with games commercial and non-commercial. Besides accreditation, i ask that you send me a free copy of your game :slight_smile:

Tracklist :

01 The Age of Ravens

02 The Dark Priestess (Looped)

03 In The Eye of The Storm

04 In The Eye of The Storm (Alternate Version)

05 East of Eden

06 Autumn Rain

07 Between Two Worlds (Looped)

08 Minotaur Emperor (Looped)

09 Blood Hunt (Looped)

10 Across The Ocean’s End

11 New Tokyo (Looped)

12 Haruhi’s Carousel

13 Metropolis (extra track, badly played)

Download the zip here: