My projects for GDevelop


I am just going to say here what I plan to do in the future with GDevelop,and what I am doing now. (This will probably interreact nobody here but I don’t have anything better to do anyway)

  1. What I am doing:
    I am on two projects right now: I am developing a multiplayer Extension for GDevelop using the Socket.IO JavaScript library. You can see the code for the server already on my GitHub (same username as on the forum) (warning, WIP!), but the developement versions of the extension itself are going to be sent to the winner of my game jam.
    My other project is a JS extension (that means it will be included by default in GDevelop if 4ian likes it) that use the Neataptic library to use basic machine learning in GDevelop with the NEAT (Neuro-Evolution algorithm) to permit to create rapidly simulations and to create more advanced AIs around it.

  2. My planned projects:
    I first want to make a JS extension out of my Multiplayer extension to submit it to 4ian and add it to the engine as soon I finished the normal version.

I will also create an extension to use standard JS data types (objects and arrays) (the arrays will probably be the more important thing here).

I want to add support for greenworks (Steam integration). It will be one of the hardest Task because it uses node-gyp, Wich only works on PC, so I will have to tweak the exporter a bit, and create a JS extension to warp around all APIs from Steam, Wich will take long.

Of course, if I finish one of the two most requested features of GDevelop I will have to do the other. I want to do a JS extension to wrap around pixi-projection to enable use if 3D in GDevelop.

I began but plan to go back on a wrapper for the gamejolt api. Actually, it is pretty much finished but I need to do the definition of the function to GDevelop Wich is something that repeats itself much and is boring. As soon as I finish more exciting projects, i’ll work on it again.

And at last, a serializer to serialize the state of a scene or an object, to save for example the state of a scene when you create objects dynamically. An example would be a sort of 2d Minecraft: when you place a block it creates an object, the serializer would get all the data and data from object of the scene to be able to restore it later.

Yeah, that’s it for now! I can’t help but thinking I forgot something. If I talked to somebody about something, could they remind me of it?

Anyway, what do you think of my projects? Do you have anything in the same sort of thing you want me to do?


Another project I forgot to mention is a better saving system using databases. It is the only one I didn’t really researched on so that is why I forgot it. It will just be something like a sort of easier to use wrapper for either webSQL or IndexedDB I guess. The goal is just to bring some kind of database support.


Sound great Arthuro, all of these have been highly requested features.
There were times where I wished there was an array data-type support while trying to create lists.
And the Multiplayer of course is a given need of this engine. I guess I’ll be looking forward to your new extensions.

P.S I’ve never thought I’d see a “machine learning” integration on Gdevelop, I hope it works out.


I already have way too much projects but I am also doing a “better” debugger using dat.gui.


BTW forgot to mention I have abandoned the neuronal network thing because of those reasons:

  1. It has no realistic and practical use in pretty much all video games
  2. It’s a hell to code and I prefer using my time on actually useful things
  3. It uses complicated mathematical principles that 80% of the GDevelop users wouldn’t have had the patience/will to learn