My idea for my first PC game


Hello. I decided to share an idea for my first PC game.

A game about a girl named Katherine who travels with her big umbrella. Her umbrella has many functions: grabbing items and a grip in the event of a fall (hook), a parachute for lowering, flying, a shield from shells (an umbrella made of durable material), and weapons. Possible umbrella colors: light blue, blue, red.

Plot: the girl has a younger brother named Phil, who, unfortunately, was kidnapped. The girl will have to go through difficulties to save her younger brother…

I think you will like my idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice Idea. I like that :blush:


I have a question: in what genre should I create a game? Maybe fantasy? Maybe sci-fi? Or maybe all together? I want to note that I really like the “Freedom Planet” game series with its graphics and physics, so I want to make my game look like those games


Well in my opinion Freedom planet was a game which gave me rush momment while I play that game.I always like to play games who will give me some rush momment. Currently I am playing Apex legends which Give me rush momment like I can Kill someone while I am flying or in a long range…you know what I mean. And there is another types of game I like to play and that is puzzle type.I played Leos Fortune that was an cool puzzle game. So the Thing I want to say make games that You want to play.Or if you don’t have any choice and you are a solo developer you can start with puzzle game. Trust me you will have fun to working with Puzzle .