My first Game - Android Platformer


[size=120]How can I change the ladder climbing speed?

Is there a way to make a pause-menu and GUI in all scenes?
Link external events is okay, but external layouts cannot work because you can only choose one scene. Do I have to copy/set as a global object and position each object individually in each scene? :o[/size]


Why the collision with the yellow bar does not work correctly here?
Even if I not use a rotation but an angle in scene editor, only higher up it works. Standard Hitboxes, no custom object sitze.
I think I had a similar problem in the past when I built a slide, sometimes(!!) the player fell down at 90% of the slide.

  • You cannot change the ladder climbing speed for now, unless you change the time scale.
  • yes, you can use external events and layouts in several scenes, the software asks for a reference scene but they aren’t limited to that reference scene.
  • can you show the relevant events and settings for that yellow bar issue?


Now I know what the problem is, but not the solution.
If I put the Center in Edit points from auto/auto (100/18.5) to 0/18.5 the collision works only in the first 50% of the bar.