Mouse button released outside an object or the scene


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I have a button event where an object is dragged with the mouse/touch. When the button is released it should trigger a condition. That works fine as long as the cursor i still on the object, but if the player moves the cursor (mouse) outside the object or outside the scene and releases the button, nothing happens. Can I either force the cursor to stay on the object or can I trigger the event even if the button is released outside the object?



Share a screenshot of the related events and we’ll guide you. :slight_smile:


I have an image of a hand on the bottom of the scene. I want the player to drag the hand to the right and left and then release the hand towards a target. To do this I have an object called “hand” that is replaced by another (“open”) hand, that is shot away like a bullet towards the object when the mouse is released (simultaneously the original hand is hidden until the “HandBullet” has reached it’s goal or is outside the scene).

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You coupled the condition button released with the touch is on hand, that’s why.
You need to remove the touch is on hand.

What you could do is:
Touch is down + touch is on hand => actions + change variable DraggingHand to 1.
Touch is released + DraggingHand =1 => actions + change variable DraggingHand to 0.


Thanks Gruk,
That worked pretty fine! So there is only one problem left, that might not be solved? If the user releases the mouse/touch outside the scene (if the game is running in a browser window on a computer and not fullscreen on a mobile device), the release action wont be activated by the game. Or am I wrong?

Here is my latest code:

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Not sure about that, that might depend on the browser/device used. :confused:


Sorry for late reply, I got into another project for a while. Thanks Gruk!