Miko Mind Dreamer


All I’m going to say right now is check what he has on his back
(Still a WIP) I’ll share what he can do with it soon!
I worked so hard on this :smile:


Ever wondered what it’s like to move with Miko?
Check it out and let me know what you think!
And btw (just a testing area).


Optimizing platforms…


Created Wall jump platforms and it’s ready and optimized to be used in game anywhere! These platforms are 90% done for now!


Come join me while I create some assets for Miko Mind Dreamer from existing assets I have :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy watching :slight_smile:




Add a button for kick the ennemy in hole :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha Kick was going to be implemented no joke, but it just didn’t feel good in-game, that’s why I removed it, but I have a lot of other stuff that I didn’t show yet about Miko, but will show them at the right moment.
Miko has evolved a lot from Miko’s Adventures that I can’t believe it how far you can go with your imagination when creating a character.
I think Miko Mind Dreamer will be something really cool when It starts to really happen and the world starts to take shape, the story and some concepts are things that are very new in 2D games these days, it won’t be about pushing through your way but about thinking why and how you want to do this and that, I’m going really big with this one and I hope that I can deliver something very unique and yet very fun and engaging to play…


Everyone, if you’re interested I made a page for each of my games so I can separate things away from each other because it was getting really crowded on my Coriander games twitter account: https://twitter.com/CorianderGames
So here they’re if you want to follow, (sometimes I post stuff there that I don’t post anywhere else!)
Miko’s Adventures: https://twitter.com/MikoAdventures
Miko Mind Dreamer: https://twitter.com/MikoMindDreamer

Just Thought to let you know :))