Miko Mind Dreamer


Hi, this is the first devlog of Miko mind dreamer (The sequel to Miko’s Adventures)

So I decided to just sketch what the world is going to be like, and I think this could be a part of the full map not sure yet, It’s still very early and a lot needs to be added, also I don’t need the map to be too big because the bigger the harder it gets for a one man developing a game, I want to create a unique experience without stretching too much, Also I’m planning to make places diverse and feel different from each other.

There will be regions called: Greyedge, Deep shadow, Colet (Every name is open to any changes in the future) and every region will have it’s own unique story elements, objects, puzzles, feel and so on.

I just decided to start creating the map to get a feel of the world and where things will be, where is the important things, story, exploration, puzzles, enemies and so on…

I hope I can bring what’s on my mind (It’s a big idea and it’s going to be beautiful if I create it the right way)

Everything in this photo is going to change to a lot more detailed photo also more specific, with a lot more information.

See you in the next update …


First look inside (Miko Mind Dreamer), testing Miko and how it feels when controlling him.
This is just a testing area, more updates are coming soon.

Hope you like what you see so far :slight_smile:


I like that ‘fast-forward’ effect, I can see already Miko is going to a dangerous place again. I am ready :sunglasses: or maybe not :sweat_smile:


Thanks a lot ddabrahim, glad you like it, and yup Miko needs to be ready for his next adventure, it will be full of dangerous stuff :wink:


Today was busy but Miko can wall jump now :smile:
What do you think ?


2 of many ways to wall jump in MMD based on the environment and the abilities Miko will have.
Let me know what you think?

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Little update talking about Miko Mind Dreamer. Please don’t forget to Subscribe, really need to grow this channel.


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And the classic fire balls are back also added ice balls and a sword too
You change weapons from 1,2 or 3 on keyboard
Each (ability - weapon) will be used in different situations
What do you think ?


So like I promised, I made a video talking about the mechanics in Miko Mind Dreamer and some other stuff. Check out the video:|

Hope you enjoy watching.