Miko mind dreamer (The sequel to Miko's Adventures)


Hi, this is the first devlog of Miko mind dreamer (The sequel to Miko’s Adventures)…

So I decided to just sketch what the world is going to be like, and I think this could be a part of the full map not sure yet, It’s still very early and a lot needs to be added, also I don’t need the map to be too big because the bigger the harder it gets for a one man developing a game, I want to create a unique experience without stretching too much, Also I’m planning to make places diverse and feel different from each other.

There will be regions called: Greyedge, Deep shadow, Colet (Every name is open to any changes in the future) and every region will have it’s own unique story elements, objects, puzzles, feel and so on.

I just decided to start creating the map to get a feel of the world and where things will be, where is the important things, story, exploration, puzzles, enemies and so on…

I hope I can bring what’s on my mind (It’s a big idea and it’s going to be beautiful if I create it the right way)

Everything in this photo is going to change to a lot more detailed photo also more specific, with a lot more information.

See you in the next devlog …
world map.jpg


Great news!

Some unsolicited advice; you could create a (free) blog for CorianderGames using Blogger, Wordpress, Wix…etc and may even register a domain (if you want):
domain.com/registration?__t … rgames.com
There are free options too (but less reliable):

Then share your dev log on your own blog and share links to it “everywhere”, this way you need to focus your attention on a single place (your own blog) to share info and read comments may even reply to comments and you can use all other platforms like this forum, twitter, facebook…etc only to bring new people to the game.

If you want I guess you could also use itch.io as a “home” to share dev logs and staff, but your own blog especially with you own domain would show more dedication and staff and offer more freedom.

Just an idea in case you are going to share dev logs regularly and do want to build a community around the game and the game is going to be a commercial title… Also if you plan half way to ask for funding maybe, you don’t need to beg people 100 places, just share it on your blog where everyone interested in the game can see it…

Good luck!


Thank you so much my friend, yeah this helps a lot because there are like 10 websites but I don’t have time to post everywhere every single time I update something or do anything, it’s very annoying and time consuming.
so I’m creating right now my Wix website (looks good and it’s very easy to use, love it)
but how to share what I post on wix everywhere?
do I just copy the link from the website to places like facebook, twitter , etc ?
I never used or done any of this so my knowledge is very limited at the moment …
and if you have any more advice you have on mind I’m listening for sure, would love to know more :slight_smile:


In case of social media sites like facebook you should be able to share it with a click of a button once you published a new post. The blog system do need to support this. I know Blogger support it I also know WordPress got plugins to add this functionality, I don’t know about Wix.
But yeah basically the idea is to share a link to the blog post “everywhere” at least save the time to copy, paste and format the text for each post. You can write and format it once on your blog and share a link to it.

However the most important benefit in my opinion is that people interested in the game going to have a “home page” to visit to keep up to date. So after a while you can even stop sharing links “everywhere” and let the community share it for you and you can focusing on your blog only instead of a bunch of different forums and social media sites :slight_smile:

It is also going to benefit your future games once people know your blog and game(s) you can immediately announce the next game to a whole lot of people who do follow your blog.

In order to achieve this however, you must publish a new blog entry frequently, even if you did nothing but a few drawings on a piece of paper, post it. If you don’t post anything for months, people may stop following your blog and you can start all over again by posting links on forums and social media…

Additionally you can also consider the functionality to let people subscribe to get notified in email if a new blog entry is posted. It is also depends on the blog system. I know WordPress got plugins to do this for you, store all the subscriber emails and send an email once you publish a new post, Blogger can also do it using Google FeedBurner, propably there are other ways too using a JavaScript Gadget. I don’t know about Wix.

You can also consider to add a forum or comment section to your blog if you want to accept comments and reply to comments directly on your blog. Again, WordPress, Blogger do support this with no effort, don’t know about Wix.