Miko Adventures (Puffball update!) A MASSIVE NEW UPDATE ! 😮


@Amigo54 The game is made and optimized for PC yes


Ok. Thanks for your response.


Miko: can you help?
Bunbun: sure!!
Miko: Bunbun stop playing around, why are you upside down? bad bunbun :roll_eyes:


Just a small update …
There is no acceleration and deceleration when Miko is moving …
Any danger you get yourself into can be avoided in the last second.
Acceleration and deceleration were a huge problem for Miko because controls didn’t feel tight you know? Like it feels he is floating above ground.
But not anymore Miko has weight now and you’ll feel it while playing and moving around the world.


Snowy stuff :snowflake:
Enjoy :heart:



My website is finally here: https://corianderg.wixsite.com/coriandergames
Edits and other stuff will be made in the future, but for now I have a working website at least :smile:


Boring don’t read…
Personal update (Why I disappeared almost a month?):

I’ll finally get back to work on the game, the last couple of months were the hardest for me to get through, I had to go through some very difficult personal stuff (a break up mainly and other things), working on the game with that much negative energy is just not good for the game at all so I had to stop for a while and refresh myself, play games, play with my bunny, go out and be with my family for some time to forget the pain.

2020 was not a good year I’m sure for everyone, I don’t why … I don’t how … but one thing I’m certain about is that “Tomorrow the sun will rise again and we will have another chance, hopefully a good one”

My college has started (I’m in the last year which is good and bad at the same time) so work on the game will be a bit less but the development of (Miko Adventures: Puffball) will continue no matter how hard life becomes and no matter how long I’m away, I promise.
I thank god to have a community like this who believes in what I do, when everyone leaves, this community will always be my destination :heart:

Thank you for being with me through this difficult journey :heart:

Sorry if this update a bit emotional, the future will be much better from now on.
It doesn’t matter who leave us, what really matters is that we did what we promised : )

As always … stay awesome everyone :heart:
I’ll see you in the next update on “Puffball” whenever it’s ready : )