Miko Adventures (Puffball update!) A MASSIVE NEW UPDATE ! 😮


@convictedweirdo Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
It’s getting closer and closer everyday :wink:
@RIR360 Thanks a lot, I’ll take another look at it very soon and fix it :slight_smile:


Same location, same level…

New (Puffball)

Improvements in visuals is just one aspect of many more in the upcoming Miko Adventures: Puffball
I’m doing my best to create a unique and a fun experience.
I hope you like what you see so far :slight_smile:


So someone asked me a question and it was how long is the game? will I buy … finish it then throw it?

Short answer: 100% no you won’t throw it after you finish it …
Long answer: So to answer this question you need to know that Miko Adventures: Puffball has a lot of replayability value in it… (and I mean a lot).
The game is designed to make you get back to it, to make you feel greedy, and to make you feel you want more all the time…
The game will have secrets, small puzzles to solve, different types of enemies (each with it’s own way to kill), tons of diamonds to collect, lots of achievements to finish, etc…
Also, let’s not forget that each time you play a level you’ll notice that your style of play or the way you traverse the level may change with time.
At the moment of writing this, there’ll be 5 medals for each level to get (might add more in the future…),
The more effort you put in the level, the more danger you put your self into, the more obstacles you face, the more decisions you make … the more rewards you get and the more you feel like you really accomplished something.
Difficulty levels don’t exist in “Miko Adventures: Puffball”… It’s in the way you play the game …
It’s really hard to decide how long Miko Adventures: Puffball is but if you want to get 100% completion let’s say you’ll have to play between “8 - 15 hours” (Maybe less maybe more … it depends on your skills and your way of approaching each obstacle you face)…
Hope this answers this question :slight_smile: