Miko Adventures (Puffball update!) A MASSIVE NEW UPDATE ! 😮




In-game from the new level…
“Miko Adventures: Puffball”


And here it is, the new cave IN GAME!!! :heart:
Let me know what you think?


A new level is 95% finished :star2:
Consists of 2 separate biomes!!
Game is challenging (as always) and full of surprises for you to explore :star2:
Hope you like what you see so far :heart:


What are light green square on first screen ? Crate/ladder ?

I see lot of objects ^^, how you organize all these stuff ?


@Bouh Yeah there are tons of objects :smile: but I optimize everything so it doesn’t affect even 1 fps of the performance of the game.
The light green objects are for the monsters to jump on and move around platforms (something that I’ll show soon in a video).
About the background I draw it in Photoshop (drawing can take a week full time…) then slice it in separate pictures (this allows me to add details as much as I need without affecting the performance at all).
and then comes the second layer (platforms)
there are 3 types of platforms:-
1- one for grabbing ledges (dark green) (Kink helped me with this one)
2- one for just walking on, walls, or just places with nothing to grab on (red)
3- jump through platforms (on the mushrooms and stuff like that) (pale blue)
then comes the crystals and how I put them around the level
then (jugs - boxes)
then monsters and how they move and interact with the environment.
then puzzles (if there is any)
then secrets
and a lot more…
and finally optimization … like removing objects that I don’t like or stuff like that to maintain stable fps all the time.
A single level could take from a week to 1 month to finish… (usually 3 weeks)
And yeah that’s like 10% of what’s actually there :sweat_smile:
I mean there are pages and pages of coding and stuff … a lot of stuff … just too many :crazy_face:
But hey I love it and that’s what matters the most : )
The most important thing about this is to just keep everything tidy like using tags, naming folders, objects, assets and the place of everything … also cleaning your code to the most simple thing it could be in so that if you leave the game for a while and come back you don’t feel overwhelmed (also if helps with performance a little)…
And yeah life is good, it’s hard but it’s good :smile:
Hope that answers your question :smile:


Awesome work! So cool seeing such a large game being developed. I hope you can share some insight about how you manage optimisation on such large levels.


@convictedweirdo Thanks a lot :wink:
Yeah I was thinking of uploading some videos while I create or draw levels, it’s always fun to share behind the scenes stuff.


I uploaded a new small gameplay for “Miko Adventures: Puffball” (No sound FX)
Hope you like what you see far :heart:


New level WIP…
20% done
This is the biggest level so far in dimensions (not in content), going to be a real challenge for me to optimize it… but I’m so ready for it : )
Dimensions of the level are above (21800*14500)
More updates will be coming for this level…



My buddy Cadbury … we played today after I finished some work on the game :heart::rabbit:
Don’t mind his sleepy eyes (he got some cold)
Pray for him to get better soon :cry:
He is my best friend…


From over 8 hours to 7 mins!
Drawing a part of a level in Miko Adventures: Puffball
Here is some behind the scenes :smile:
Enjoy :heart:


What’s new?

  • Added a new level (WIP)
  • Changed camera zoom.
  • New graphical improvements to the locks, switches and most
    of the puzzle elements.
  • More optimization to the game (stable fps)
  • New puzzle concepts added
  • “Electromagniod” ability is much more stable to use.
  • Changed the density of some movable objects.
  • Better physics all over the game.
  • Hundreds of graphic improvements all over the game (god
    rays - lighting - vibrant colors - etc…).
  • Smoother animations.
  • Added new monsters and objects to deal with in the levels.
  • Added new portals and new cool secrets to discover.
    What’s next?
  • Each level will have a separate name giving the world depth.
  • Video tutorials (to show how to interact - how to play).
  • A lot more story elements for Miko and what’s is the origins
    of this world he got stuck in.
  • Achievements system.
  • Finishing level 4 - 5 -6 and 7 (ideas are there, what’s left is
    just making it happen).
  • overall improvements all around the game (polishing).
    Stuff to look at:-
  • Creating a diary with the monsters and descriptions of each like how to deal with them, weak points and other stuff, but it might not happen but it’s under ideas…
    All screenshots are WIP but please … enjoy :heart:


What you’re doing is awesome. It looks graphically stunning and very fun to play. I would love to play a demo.


@erdo thank you so much!
The demo will be released with the game release which Hopefully will be this year … I hope :smile:


“Forest Of The Deep Giants” … WIP


Added smooth camera zooming … makes the game much more interesting and atmospheric.
Enjoy a sneak peak :heart:

Note: All what you see in this video is in early WORK IN PROGRESS …



Just curious: How do you decide how and why zooming occurs? Invisible objects in the path? Coordinates? Items?


@erdo Thanks! :slight_smile:
And yeah based on the scene, items, invisible objects in the path, enemies position and more … it’s kinda tricky and needs lots of testing to get it right or the right position.
Also based on the scene means sometimes there is an epic moment or a cool thing in the level (like in the video) then I use zoom to show the player how cool is it or how massive it is (the level is called “Forest Of The Deep Giants” so yeah there is big stuff in this level to show the player … it adds a bit of emotion and atmosphere to the game.
This zooming technique is used in games like Hollow knight, Ori and the will of the wisps, etc…

Performance nightmare ... a small but helpful story (you can share yours too) :)

Very nice. Keep going!!!